There is one simple thing you can do to improve the results of liquid applications of pesticides and fertilizers. Use YUCCA! It will save your business money and provide your clients with healthier lawns and plants.

Yucca extract is a natural surfactant that breaks up water droplets and allows water to spread out on leaf surfaces in a thin film. The film allows water, pesticides and nutrients to be absorbed more evenly by plants without leaving spots on leaves.

Yucca extracts also have a positive effect on the soil biology in the root zone. The saponins and complex carbohydrates in yucca extracts are gentle on roots and are friendly to micro-organisms. Concentrated mineral salts and organic molecules don’t play well together. They have contrasting characteristics that can sometimes cause them to become incompatible. The natural wetting agents in yucca help keep the ionic molecules and organic molecules in suspension with each other, aiding the plant with nutrient uptake. In problem soils, yucca can be used occasionally as a flush to wash away excessive mineral salts from the root zone.

Yucca extracts also contain organic molecules that directly protect plants against damage from environmental stress. Under normal conditions, plants produce plenty of their own plant-protection agents. But if plants are exposed to excessive heat and UV light, their natural immune systems start to become overwhelmed. That’s when the plant-protection agents in yucca can make a big difference.

The best time to apply Yucca is before summer heat stress and drought conditions set in.

Contact us for any questions about applying Yucca for your business.

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