In 1996, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched a program to expedite the availability of reduced risk pesticides. The goal was to improve the regulatory decision-making process behind this new class of products to get them to market more quickly and efficiently.

Since then, several suppliers have stepped forward to meet the challenge of providing minimum-risk tree and turf products for commercial and residential use.  

Led by his vision to improve plant vigor and reduce pesticide usage, Tech Terra Environmental owner Barry Draycott has partnered with these suppliers to help businesses flourish in a healthier capacity.

How the Approval Process Works

According to the EPA, minimum risk pesticides are those that “pose little to no risk to human health or the environment”, and therefore are not required to be registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. 

In order to be exempt by the EPA, applicants are required to provide an executive summary of their product and/or chemicals, an explanation of the health effects on both humans and the environment, any hazards, and address pest and risk management. The application must also include a comparative summary of risk and performance in relation to other registered alternatives. The EPA’s Reduced Risk Committee makes the final decision on whether or not reduced risk status is approved.

Benefits of Reduced Risk Pesticides

Both chemical companies and state and federal agencies are prime candidates for the EPA’s program. By participating, they are promoting a variety benefits including:

  • Less of an impact on birds, fish, and plants
  • Potential for resistance development
  • Lower risk of groundwater contamination 
  • Better human health

Additionally, with more consumers and wholesalers moving to a greener approach, it’s safe to say that providing reduced risk pesticides is also good for business and brand reputation.

In fact, Tech Terra Environmental gets asked how the products we supply will impact the environment on a larger scale.

Our Approach to Pest Control

Let’s face it: pests come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While we recognize the need to follow all regulations and best practices whe­n it comes to pest control, we also know how threatening some categories of these pests (i.e. mosquitos) can be when left alone. That’s why we strive to strike a balance.  

The ingredients in our EPA exempt product selection – both active and inert – control weeds, insects, mites, and diseases safely and effectively. Many of these products were specifically designed as first-rate alternatives to synthetic pesticides while reducing the potential negative impacts on human health and our nation’s landscapes. 

Filtering by EPA Exempt Products

Tech Terra Environmental understands the need to deliver on these types of products and make them easily accessible to environmentally – friendly wholesalers.

Our website allows you to narrow your search to just EPA exempt products from leading brands, including:

  • Branch Creek
  • Bonide (BurnOut)
  • ICT Organics

In addition to being to able to quickly find minimum-risk pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, and more, we also provide product: labels, SDS, MSDS and brochures. We believe some of the best approaches to tree and turf care is one with full transparency and disclosure, without harsh ingredients.

Tech Terra Environmental specializes in environmentally-conscious application products to improve plant and soil health for lawn care providers, landscape contractors, and municipalities & schools in the tree and turf care industry. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of wholesale products.

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