Here’s a program to help your clients’ lawns recover.
1. Mowing. Mow high, 3-5” is best during the summer. Never cut more than 1/3 of the blade. Leave the clippings.

2. Irrigation. Water deeply and infrequently. This will help roots grow deeper in the ground. Do not irrigate early morning or late afternoon as this will extend the time for disease causing fungi to grow. You may choose to let lawns go dormant by not irrigating. Most will recover when rain begins to fall.

3. Apply Whole Shabang 6-2-4 Fertilizer. This blend is formulated with 50% Organic Matter and 60% water insoluble N. Ammonium Sulfate creates a sudden temporary shift in soil pH which slows the spread of diseases. Increased soil microbial activity also suppresses disease stimulates new growth. Rake it in and irrigate. Whole Shabang is available at select SiteOne Landscape Supply locations. Click to find your branch location.

4. Apply Branch Creek Grub Control. Don’t let the name fool you! The ingredients in this EPA 25b Exempt product will control surface and sub-surface feeding insects and disease causing fungi. Irrigate it in for grubs, do not irrigate for surface feeding insects and fungi.

5. Fall seeding. Try our highly rated NTEP custom seed mixes to rebuild and thicken your clients’ lawns. Click here to Order/View Seed Products

6. Apply Screamin 8 Starter Fertilizer. This 8-14-1 blend is formulated with 45% Organic Matter and 45% SRN. The Phosphorus and high microbial activity create the perfect environment for seeds to germinate Screamin 8 is available at SiteOne Locations. Click to find your branch location.

7. Apply Screamin Green Fertilizer. Screamin Green 16-2-3 can be applied anytime during the growing season. It is an Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer with 5 sources on N. 60% slow release N with 40% Organic matter, 2% Calcium, 3% Sulfur and 1% Iron. Sreamin Green provides a quick, long lasting deep green without pushing top growth. Screamin Green is available at select SiteOne Landscape Supply locations. Click to Order/View Fertilizer Product.

8. Just Add Water. Now your clients will love you!

Contact us if you need any assistance with your lawn application program, we have got you covered in any weather condition!

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