PHS Hosts Organic Lawn Care Discussion

PHS Hosts Organic Lawn Care Discussion


PHS recently hosted a roundtable discussion among three sustainable landscaping greats: Barry Draycott of Tech Terra Organics, Patricia Manke of Glenstone sculpture garden in Potomac, MD, and Paul Tukey, author of The Organic Lawn Care Manual. The discussion highlighted encouraging trends in organic lawn care and will undoubtedly aid PHS in its efforts to meet organic protocols in 80 of its city garden plots in Philly.glenstone lawn

Especially impressive is Patricia Manke’s success in cultivating a lush, nearly weed-free landscape atGlenstone, where she maintains over 16 acres of lawn. According to blog, since ditching the chemical weed killers in favor of an organic program, Patricia has seen a significant drop in the amount of mowing and watering the lawns require, and everyone feels better about the new chemical-free environment. Best of all, the place looks great (see the above photo for proof).

The idea at the heart of the discussion?  Organic landscape maintenance is not only possible but far better than chemical maintenance, as long as you listen to your soil: “If your lawn is mostly weeds, it’s because your soil wants to grow weeds and not grass.”  We can dig it.