Protect your investments!

The landscape industry is always at the mercy of weather conditions. This spring is no exception. We went from a cold late spring right into near summer conditions which is putting a lot of stress on new transplants. See Drought Monitor Map 

It's time to try CedarCure for grub control!

If you experience issues with grubs there is still time to order & apply ICT Organics CedarCure. This EPA Exempt Minimum Risk Pesticide is the answer to grub control! Your clients will be happy to hear that you are using a product that is safe for their kids and pets.

New Product Arrival... Winter Burn Protection and more!

We are excited to introduce a new product to you called Desikote. Prevent winter burn with this anit-transpirant / desicannt for evergreen shrubs and trees. Receive FREE SHIPPING on all Desikote order until Thanksgiving. Other uses include: safener, rain fastener and extender for pesticides. The cost per K is ridiculously low and will pay for itself very quickly. Order Now! 

Happy Earth Day

As landcare professionals we depend upon working with the earth for our livelihoods. When we realize how to improve soil health, our jobs become easier as healthy soil will grow healthy plants. Take a moment to read this short article from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service about some other benefits we gain from improving our soils. "The Earth Day Confession of a Soil Health Geek"

The Buzz is out about Controlling Grubs

The controversy over the possible effects of neonicotinoids on pollinators can be overwhelming to digest. Since I have been interested in this topic for a long time, I have read my fair share of research. What I have concluded is simple, this is a complicated matter! 


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