Secret Ingredient; Humate

July 14,2013

Secret Ingredient; Wild claims of a cure-all created skepticism. Now science is starting to support benefits of mysterious humic acid.


Humic Products in Landscape/Turfgrass

Humic products have been utilized for many years in turf and landscape applications as natural chelators, soil conditioners, and nutrient enhancers. Humic products are typically used in turf management to help retain soil moisture, stabilize nutrients, and to increase nutrient efficiency. Because of their effects on soil microbial activity, some of indirect effects of humic substances are:

Dealing with diseases on cool season turf

May 31, 2013

As summer approaches, lawn care companies are gearing up for calls on summer diseases. But before you reach for a pesticide, consider what Richard Buckley, Plant Diagnostic Laboratory Director at Rutgers University, has to say about turfgrass diseases: "Poor turf is not the result of disease, disease is a result of poor turf. Be a good turf disease manager by becoming a competent agronomist. Then you can grow turf that tolerates, resists, or quickly recovers from pathogen attack."

Prevention is the key to disease management in turf.

Holy Cow, we've got grubs!

April 19, 2013

I’m getting calls from professional landscapers in several areas of the country who are seeing grubs and wanting to know what they can do about grub control now.  The best advice I have is to read White Grub Control; An IPM / Agronomic Perspective” before you reach for the spray gun.

This is excellent information on how to reduce grub damage and make your clients love you for the results you’re landscaping business is providing. I would add that there are new effective biological controls for grubs available now.

A historical look at pesticide regulation in the US

February 5, 2013

A historical look at pesticide regulation in the US

By Barry Draycott

During the last month I have been involved in several courses at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Rutgers Middlesex Extension and the NJ Landscape Contractors Association. These classes were designed to help professional landscapers and lawn care companies successfully reduce the amount of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers currently using while sustaining the quality their clients are used to. Both IPM and organic approaches were discussed in detail.

We also talked a lot about how these approaches are “just good business”.  More and more people are asking for eco-friendly lawn care services and new regulations are making it tougher to continue business as usual.

Press Release - Lawn Care Industry Finally Has Non-Toxic Selective Weed Control Product, ADIOS

Tech Terra Radio interviews;

Interview 1  

Interview 2

Mt. Laurel, NJ – January 29, 2013

Landscape professionals have not seen anything like this eco-friendly weed control product for turf until now. The leader in alternative lawn and pest management, Tech Terra Environmental is pleased to announce U.S. representation of cutting-edge A.D.I.O.S. A non-toxic turf weed control technology from Canada’s Herbanatur.


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