Our industry is changing global's true!

We've been talking a lot about how soil health promotes healthy plants right? And how it's much easier to maintain plants that are healthy. Well there is actually more to it than that!

Insecticides - Hot Trends & Concerns

Insecticides are a hot topic in our industry. I wanted to share this article on Landscape Management "Tweaks and Combos" with you. Check out the industry insecticide trends, concerns and what the future entails. Aubrey Ammon of PBI/Gordon Corp. states 

How Healthy Soils Keep our Water Clean
At Tech Terra, we understand that the foundation of growing healthy plants is healthy soil. And healthy soils also provide all of us with our other benefits such as the ability to keep our water clean."
New Product Launch... Custom Seed Blends 2015!

We just launched a new seed line, Tech Terra Custom Seed Blends. It is a collection of 5 custom seed mixtures that are eco-friendly, affordable and can make it easier to maintain your properties. VIEW COLLECTION. 

Love your lawns too much?

As an advocate for improving improving soil health from the ground up, I read this article from the Washington Post "Americans are judging their neighbors' lawns- with surprising environmental consequences" and feel it is an issue for all of us in the Green Industry. "According to the U.S. EPA's New England Regional Laboratory, 40 to 60 percent of the nitrogen that people put on their lawns through fertilizer winds up in "surface and groundwater." Take the case of the Chesapeake Bay: A significant part of the nitrogen and phosphorous that is keeping the Bay polluted comes from urban sources, according to the EPA."  The Daily Herald.


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