Organic Approach® FH 2-3-1 Fish

Organic Approach

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Product Description

Organic Approach® FH 2-3-1 Fish

Cold processed fish hydrolysate

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  • A premium liquid fish hydrolysate.
  • Diverse natural fertilizer that contains N-P-K, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and natural growth hormones.
  • It is made through a cold process that utilizes naturally occurring enzymes in fish.
  • No synthetic materials are added to the hydrolysis process. Phosphoric acid is added at the end to stabilize the fish from fermenting in the container because the product is so biologically active!
  • Once diluted in water, however, the product will quickly regain its biological activity and should be applied within a short period of time to avoid fermentation.
Fish hydrolysate has a very low odor compared to fish emulsions. The nitrogen in the fish hydrolysate is derived from proteins in the form of amino acids, which when applied break down into usable forms of nitrogen. Fish hydrolysate will promote the growth of beneficial bacteria , which fix nitrogen and aerate soil. It is filtered through 200 mesh screens to ensure no lingering particles are left that could clog any spray nozzles or drip tapes.
Nature’s Essence FH 2-3-1 is a liquid hydrolysate of fresh North Atlantic Fish. Nature’s Essence FH 2-3-1 is a natural product. It should be stored in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight. Dilute only as much concentrate as needed for each use.The oils in fish hydrolysate will naturally separate from the solids over time. Always stir, shake, or agitate the container prior to each use.Nature’s Essence FH 2-3-1 is 100% water-soluble and is suitable for conventional liquid foliar and irrigation water applications.Nature’s Essence FH 2-3-1 is compatible with most other liquid materials. To be safe, an initial jar test is always recommended when mixing Nature’s Essence FH 2-3-1 with companion materials for the first time.
Application Rate: 4-16 oz /1000