Organic Approach® 5-2-4

Organic Approach

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Product Description

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All natural fertilizer.

Organic Approach’s 5-2-4 with 4% calcium is a certifiable organic fertilizer designed with the diversity of 13 different ingredients. These ingredients were chosen for their value as biological feed substrates for soil micro-organisms instead of designing a fertilizer that ultimately feeds the proliferation of primarily only bacterial organisms. 5-2-4 was specifically designed to improve the balance of fungi, protozoa, and the multitude of other soil micro-organisms.

  • Total Nitrogen 5%
  • Available Phosphate 2%
  • Soluble Potash 4%
  • Primary plant nutrients derived from: feather meal, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, alfalfa meal, meat meal, bone meal, bloom meal, corn solubles, wheat meal, sulfate of potash
  • Non plant food ingredients: azomite, soluble seaweed extract, soluble humate extract

In short, 5-2-4 was designed more as a biological buffet table than it was as a fertilizer. As with most of our other products all of the 13 other ingredients found in 5-2-4 are Homogenously blended, pelleted, and then crumbled to create a granulated consistency. 5-2-4 is a low dust, spreadable product. It will work in walk-behind spreaders, ride-on spreaders, and vicon-style farm spreaders. With 4.3 of the 5% nitrogen being water in-soluble nitrogen burning anything is nearly impossible, yet the 5-2-4 acts like a 10-10-10 but with the nicely sustained greening and nourishment at a well balanced organic soil amendment uncommon to virtually any other fertilizer on the market, synthetic or organic, our 5-2-4 sports the highly coveted soluble humate and soluble seaweed extracts, in addition to re-mineralizing the soil with a natural volcanic mineral deposit, while there aren’t really any products comparable in quality to our 5-2-4. Organic Approach’s 5-2-4 is more competitively priced than many other lesser quality products.


Packaging: Pallet 40 x 50lb Bags
Application Rates: 10-15 lbs/1000