1 Gallon EcoMIGHT PRO
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Product Description

NEW 2021 – Non-Selective Weed & Grass Killer  Liquid Concentrate – Kills To The Roots.

“I am really liking it. At first when we had cooler temps I was using 6-8 ounces and results were slow to see. Now with warmer weather and I went to 10oz per gallon it is working great. Burn down results within 24 hours. It’s been a great product to use around the farm, cottages and market And in our herb gardens and to not have to be concerned especially because we have so many guests walking around on site with pets and children.”  2021 Michael Collins – Beach Plum Farm, Cape May NJ

2021 “EcoMIGHT PRO works as good as Roundup® and better than Burnout and any other non-selective weed killer I have ever tried!”  Barry Draycott; Owner Tech Terra Environmental


  • Non-Toxic
  • Systemic – Kills to the Root for Long Lasting Results!
  • No Re-Entry Period
  • EPA Exempt Minimum Risk Pesticide
  • Please be patient for results to show. It can take up to 2 weeks for weeds to absorb EcoMIGHT and start to die back to the root.
EcoMight PRO is a Non-Selective Weed and Grass Killer CONCENTRATE.  Non-Selective. Post emergent. Systemic (kills to the root). Sticker and adjuvant are not needed.  EcoMight PRO is now being used by leading industry landscape and grounds professionals.  Including municipalities, school districts, top rated golf courses, property managers, public parks, colleges and universities, sports fields, public works departments, campuses, equine facilities, athletic complexes, facilities managers, theme parks, railways, cemeteries, HOA (Homeowners Associations), vegetation management professionals.  
With a simple, direct application, EcoMight PRO kills unwanted weeds, grass and vegetation to the roots.
Approved by the FSPMA (Florida School Plant Management Association)

Application Instructions:

Mix Rate: 6oz-8oz of concentrate per 1 Gallon of water.  Depending on extent of weeds, thickness, size, weather conditions, humidity, soil, and other contributing factors, mix rate can be increased or decreased accordingly.  Shake Well prior to application.

Spray directly on unwanted weeds, grasses and vegetation.  Kills to the root.

Do not apply if weeds or grasses are wet (from rain,  irrigation or dew) • Do not irrigate within 2 hours after applying. • Apply when weeds and grasses are dry • Do not apply if rainfall is expected within 2 hours of application



Registered in the below states and pending in Connecticut 

Arizona California Colorado Delaware 
Florida Georgia Hawaii 
Illinois Massachusetts Michigan 
Minnesota Missouri Nebraska
New Jersey  New York 
North Carolina North Dakota Oregon Pennsylvania 
South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah
Virginia Wyoming


  • Weight: 10 lb
  • Width: 7 in
  • Depth: 7 in
  • Height: 14 in