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Tech Terra Environmental is your source for premium wholesale lawn fertilizers. Our lawn fertilizers come in both granular and liquid form, they are designed to provide proper nutrients and build soil health. Whether you’re looking for natural, organic, or organic-based options, we have fertilizers high in organic matter which will help you provide cost effective and eco-friendly solutions for your clients.

Our wholesale natural fertilizers are available at manufacturers’ pricing and are drop shipped from their facilities to you. This unique method reduces overhead and keeps your costs down. At Tech Terra Environmental, we strive to make it easier and economical for you to give your customers the best and most effective landscaping service. Here are some of high-quality brands we offer:

  • Clarus™: granular fertilizers from Nutrients PLUS are high in organic matter. Some are 100% natural, while others are fortified with traditional sources of Nitrogen and Potash. In addition, Nutrients PLUS has 3 formulations which include Prodiamine for chemical pre-emergent weed control.
  • Organic Approach™: granular fertilizers are approved by the National Organics Program (NOP) and include humates and seaweed. 

Feel free to browse our selection or contact us for more information about any products we have available. At Tech Terra Environmental we go beyond just offering products, we will walk you through every step of the way to help you grow your business with eco-friendly programs.



Finesse GVH

Organic Approach

TeraVita Hum-Amend MAX

Organic Approach