This summer has been brutal for lawns in the Northeast due to weather conditions. We have a simple solution to bring your clients’ lawns back for next year!
If you haven’t put your fall application programs together yet, no worries… we have an easy to follow application program. It will provide your turf with maximum results; economically, safely and effectively!

FALL APPLICATIONS – Seeding & Fertilization

STEP 1: Apply Screamin’ 8 Seed Starter® Fertilizer
STEP 2: Apply Tech Terra Fall Seed Mixture (6 Types Available)

STEP 1: Apply Screamin’ Green® Fertilizer

Why Seed Starter?
Clarus ® Pro™ Screamin’ 8 Seed Starter® is a 8-14-1 blend is formulated with 45% Organic Matter and 45% SRN. The Phosphorus and high microbial activity create the perfect environment for seeds to germinate.Order/View Seed Starter

Why NTEP Custom Seeds?
Tech Terra Fall Seed Mixtures are highly rated because they rebuild and thicken your clients’ lawns. From Sun & Shade to Low Input with Microclover – 6 Mixtures Available…Order/View Seed Mixtures

Why Screamin’ Green®?
Clarus ® Pro™ Screamin’ Green® is an excellent carbohydrate storage for an early spring green up and winter stress protection. Ample SRN from SCU and the cold water insoluble N from the poultry compost that will help to hold color throughout the winter months. If we have a mild winter, many fertilizers won’t last and color fades in Jan/Feb, long before the next application is possible in March. Apply at 0.80 lbs. of N per 1,000 sq ft for your last round on turf will help to hold color until March application time.

Please contact me with any questions. I am here to help improve the results of your lawn care applications for this fall!

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