If you think you can only have a thick, eye-catching landscape with the application of traditional pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, you’re in for a surprise.

The increasing awareness around the environmental impact of harsh chemicals is quite literally changing the landscape in parks, recreation areas, and sports fields. There is a growing demand for organic lawn care on all fronts – consumers, town officials and municipalities, turf managers, lawn care operators, and beyond.

The Reasoning Behind Organic Lawn Care

While there is no such thing as a perfect landscape, there are still several benefits to organic lawn care because it creates an optimal relationship between plants and soil. Chemical-based products can hurt this relationship and cause:

  • Lawn or turf damage when there is a high concentration
  • Your plants and soil to be easily susceptible to disease or pests
  • Low soil quality and lack of nutrients

Organic fertilizers are not only an “antidote” to all of these problems, but serve as an effective form of risk management. Using a safe and healthy alternative can:

  • Increase the soil’s ability to hold water
  • Increase the soil’s ability to keep its own nutrients
  • Produce with higher levels of nutrients and minerals
  • Have a minimal impact on the surrounding environment
  • Promote soil stabilization and increase microbial activity

Additional Benefits

From a financial standpoint, organic lawn care is also more cost-effective than the synthetic alternative in the long-term. While the initial application may be more expense, ongoing treatments require fewer and fewer chemicals over time, meaning you won’t need as much fertilizer. The need for pesticides and herbicides begins to diminish, which is a huge benefit if you’re treating a large landscape and having to buy on a per-square-foot basis.  

Secondly, most turf managers and landscape business owners would agree that chemicals or pesticides create risk regardless of the amount being used. Both could leach into groundwater or pose a serious threat to humans, pets, and wildlife. While things like mulch, fertilizers, and weed killers are commonly used in landscaping for aesthetic reasons, it’s always important to consider the health aspect first.

Last but not least, soil treated through an organic approach is also more effective at naturally resisting insects and easier to maintain. 

The Recovery Period

You might be wondering, “If organic lawn care is so great, why doesn’t everyone use it?” While there are several factors that go into answering that question, it largely comes down to having patience.

Organic lawn care will not provide the same instant gratification as chemical products. It takes time and effort to switch to this approach – time for soil testing, for the soil to build back its natural nutrients, and to revitalize the ecosystem of your lawn or landscape.

Much like a human who has developed a dependency on drugs, plants and soil go through a “detox” period when they’re subjected to chemicals for too long. This means that, unless you’re starting from scratch, you have to be willing to see the recovery period through if you want to achieve a picturesque landscape. Ask us about our plan to wean your turf off of chemical dependency by improving soil health.

Don’t let that discourage you, though. Chemically-dependent lawns and landscapes usually only appear perfect on the surface. It takes far less time to test your soil and see the negative impact it’s having on both the environment and all those who depend on it.   You can still create a thick, beautiful landscape that meets the needs of your municipality, business, or commercial property without depending on high-risk chemicals to do so.

We’re deeply committed to this cause, and that’s why we offer wholesalers some of the most trusted and regulated products available. Check out our EPA Exempt or OMRI Listed products today to see how you can join us making a difference, one landscape at a time.

And remember: Everything is connected to everything else!

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