We are excited to introduce a new product to you called Desikote. Prevent winter burn with this anit-transpirant / desicannt for evergreen shrubs and trees. Receive FREE SHIPPING on all Desikote order until Thanksgiving. Other uses include: safener, rain fastener and extender for pesticides. The cost per K is ridiculously low and will pay for itself very quickly. Order Now! 

Fall Solutions for Cool Season Areas
Fertilize turf, trees and shrubs now. Most plants will make use nutrients and organic matter now to build strong root systems. View our product line of fertilizers.
Correcting for pH improves results.If your soil tests show low pH and calcium, your fertilizers will not perform as well.  We recommend Liquid Lime Calcium and Calcium Lime w/ Humates.

Weed Control. In trials at Ohio State, A.D.I.O.S. performed very well when applied in the fall, resulting in up to 100 % weed control. Read “New Herbicides for Broadleaf Weed Control.” For weed control we recommend to use A.D.I.O.S.

Mulch. Did you know that applying mulched leaves will increase spring green-up and contribute to a reduction in common dandelion by as much as 80%? Read “Mulched Maple & Oak Leaves Associated with a Reduction in Common Dandelion Populations in Established Kentucky Bluegrass.”

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