Are a special class of pesticides that are not subject to federal registration requirements because their ingredients, both active and inert, are demonstrably safe for the intended use.


Exempt 25(b)

In 1996, EPA created a new class of products – minimum risk pesticides – that did not have to be registered. (These pesticides are often referred to as exempt 25(b) products.) The goal was to let pesticides that posed little or no risk become available to consumers without the manufacturers going through the expensive and time-consuming registration process. The EPA would also benefit by being able to focus resources on higher risk pesticides.

The ground rules for qualifying for minimum risk status are very specific, including restrictions on ingredients. All components of these products must come from lists of both active and inert ingredients that “are demonstrably safe for the intended use.” The active ingredients kill, destroy, mitigate, or repel the pests named on the label, while the inert ingredients help the product work better in other ways.

Clove oil, corn gluten meal, citric acid and sodium lauryl sulfate (common in personal care products) are examples from the 31 possible active ingredients. There are many more inert ingredients eligible for use in minimum risk products. Examples include soybean oil or lecithin that can act as a surfactant by helping the pesticide stick to leaf surfaces. Water or an oil such as mineral oil can act as solutions in which active ingredients are dissolved.

At Tech Terra Environmental, we are proud to provide many EPA exempt products which will control weeds, insects, mites and diseases.

For information on pesticide companies who want to register minimum risk pesticide products. Click Here

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