It’s no secret that the market for environmentally friendly lawn care products and services is expanding, pushing the idea that it’s not enough for your grass to be green—it should be “green.”

With spring in full force, the sustainable lawn care movement is spreading fast. For instance, this year New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection is urging residents to use caution when applying pesticides, and to employ only licensed commercial pesticide applicators when hiring for pest control services that include pesticide product applications. The DEP also reminds residents to use lawn and garden fertilizers that comply with New Jersey’s strict content standards for nitrogen and phosphorus, or to hire certified fertilizer applicators for their lawn care.

“While this is typically the time of year when we care for and beautify our properties, it’s important to remember we have an obligation to the environment, to our neighbors and to ourselves. When it comes to applying pesticides, we suggest using them sparingly or to explore non-chemical alternatives whenever possible,” said DEP Commissioner Bob Martin.

A 2009 survey by the National Gardening Association indicated an overall increase to nearly 12 million households using only natural products on lawns and gardens, up from about five million in 2004. The trend toward environmentally friendly lawn care will only continue to grow in the coming years.

A sustainable approach offers customers an integrated program that provides an effective, competitively priced, less toxic and environmentally safer alternative to a conventional program. Offering sustainable options can not only increase customer loyalty and retention, but also provide a strategic advantage in the marketplace.

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