As an advocate for improving improving soil health from the ground up, I read this article from the Washington Post “Americans are judging their neighbors’ lawns- with surprising environmental consequences” and feel it is an issue for all of us in the Green Industry. According to the U.S. EPA’s New England Regional Laboratory, 40 to 60 percent of the nitrogen that people put on their lawns through fertilizer winds up in “surface and groundwater.” Take the case of the Chesapeake Bay: A significant part of the nitrogen and phosphorous that is keeping the Bay polluted comes from urban sources, according to the EPA.”  The Daily Herald.

It is being seen more and more that adding too much nitrogen and phosphorus is damaging our environments. So what can we do about it? By adding organic matter to your lawn care programs it will improve the uptake of plant nutrients to the plant which means there will be less runoff. Clean water is important to us and is linked to soil health. After many years of testing, we are now able to help businesses like yours, improve your customer’s soil health which will then help you MAINTAIN your properties EASIER! Once you get all of this established you have a self regulating system that provides exactly what the plants needs when they need it, and that means less stress, less staff, and more profits for you.

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