Are the landscapes you’re working on not recovering as expected? Do you need to drive new business? You’re in luck. Late August to late September marks the prime period for revitalizing lawns and landscapes – especially in the aftermath of extreme heat and drought when people need your help the most.

Turfgrasses such as tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass thrive during cooler months, making late summer and early fall the ideal time to get new customers seeking renovation.

Additionally, seedlings sown during consecutive cool seasons can establish robust root systems, bolstering their survival through the challenges of summer heat stress.

Proven Ways to Restore Your Customers’ Lawns

  1. Liming and Fertilizing: Kickstart your new landscaping projects with proper soil preparation. Liming helps counteract soil acidity common in the cool season, ensuring optimal conditions for growth. Use a soil test to determine the right amount of lime application.

  2. Seed Selection: Choose the right grass seeds for your lawn. Depending on your customers’ needs and the characteristics of the landscape, you’ll find various grass species and varieties that offer improved aesthetics, pest resistance, and more.

  3. Over-Seeding: Consider an over-seeding approach if a lawn you’re servicing needs a boost. However, it’s crucial to use an over-seeder correctly, creating deep slices in the soil to deposit seeds for optimal establishment.

  4. Product Selection: There are eco-friendly ways you can combat extreme heat and drought as a landscaping professional. Choose products from a reputable wholesaler that will promote moisture and won’t further damage the environment you’re working in. 

Advantages of a Healthy Lawn

Beyond aesthetics, a well-maintained lawn combats soil erosion and creates an inviting atmosphere. Whether your competitive advantage is low-maintenance upkeep, heightened pest resistance, or a high-end look, optimal turfgrass and soil management lay the foundation for a durable, eco-friendly lawn that harmonizes with the surroundings.

Choosing the Right Turfgrass

Selecting appropriate turfgrass species is pivotal for a successful lawn. The integration of pest management principles emphasizes using species and varieties that match the conditions and requirements of your landscape. Using adapted turfgrasses minimizes frustrations, decreases reliance on chemicals, and prevents lawn failure.

Efficient Watering for Resilience

Proper watering sustains lawn color and growth during dry spells. While cool-season lawns can survive short droughts without irrigation, watering remains vital for lawn vitality. Timely, efficient watering maintains moisture levels without promoting disease. You can also use a soil conditioner to help nurse it back to health.

Balancing Soil pH with Liming

Neutralizing soil acidity through liming can be a game-changer. An accurate soil test determines the extent of acidity, informing lime application. Properly applied lime yields lasting benefits and may not need annual reapplication.

Strategic Fertilization for Lawn Vitality

Fertilization is a linchpin for robust lawn growth. Nutrient-rich fertilizers sustain plant development. Soil test results guide nutrient ratios, with nitrogen (N) being pivotal for turfgrass health and quality. Precise nitrogen management safeguards both lawn vitality and water quality.

Using Organic Matter for Optimal Growth

Mowing practices contribute to lawn health – but be careful not to remove too much in one session. Overdoing it could weaken the lawn, putting stress on the environment and opening the door to pest problems. You can also use mulching mowers to recycle clippings, returning nutrients to the soil organically.

Sustainable Programs for Weeds, Pests, and Diseases

As you know, a healthy lawn is your best defense against weeds, pests, and diseases. Establishing and maintaining dense turf through sound practices reduces their impact. Keep in mind that herbicides can be judiciously applied, but there are also sustainable, low-impact alternatives programs like this to consider.

For a stunning, resilient lawn, seize the late summer to early fall window for renovation. Empower the environments you work with through proper care, thoughtful seed selection, and meticulous attention to soil health. With these steps, lawns can flourish during the cool season, enriching your clients’ lives and growing your landscaping business in the process.

At Tech Terra Environmental, we are proud to provide Low Impact Pesticides and organic based fertilizers and soil amendments. To speak to an expert please contact us HERE

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