You’ve probably heard the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” For a long time now, landscapes have been a source of pride and envy for homeowners and businesses alike. From planting beds and walkways to butterfly gardens and elegant water features, landscapes give us a sense of status and fulfilment.

People are becoming more educated around the harmful effects of chemicals and looking for eco-friendly solutions. Even the government has stepped in at both the federal and state level to protect our landscapes and offer incentives to those benefiting our natural ecosystem. To dig in further, some cities are paying families to design their gardens in a way that manages stormwater runoff and in turn prevents pesticides and other pollutants from spreading.

The Role of Healthy Soil and How to Promote It

Much like humans, animals, and even pests, soil has to stay healthy to survive. Soil is actually a living ecosystem, and every organism within that ecosystem plays an important role in providing nutrients to our plants. Soil is crucial to food production, water filtration, and even fighting infections. 

With this in mind, the tree and turf care products that go into soil won’t just make a visual difference; they’ll make a major environmental difference. Whether you’re a wholesaler or landscape architect, there are plenty of ways you can promote a healthy landscaping, including:

  1. Using or selling eco-friendly products that infuse soil with more nutrients
  2. Minimizing the sale or use of landscaping products with harmful chemicals
  3. Using or selling native plants (those indigenous to a certain area)

In fact, a recent CNN article cited a poll by the American Society of Landscape Architects, claiming that “83% of landscape architects said they were increasingly being asked about native plants.” These plants don’t just act as a food source for birds, insects, and other animals, they also promote biodiversity and help reduce air pollution.

Creating a healthy, beautiful landscape is often a balancing act – you have to use just enough of a product to weed out pests and pathogens without causing too many adverse effects. Native plants need healthy soil to thrive in, and we need soil to survive. As a result, there is a growing demand for products that minimize the use of hazardous chemicals and promote the longevity of our nation’s landscapes.

Working with the Right Products and Companies

Let’s face it: unhealthy landscapes are bad for business. That being said, so is the bulk sale or distribution or a product that is known to negatively impact the environment. Tech Terra Environmental has spent the last several decades refining our processes and improving our product selection to promote the well-being of both people and pollinators. Our products are designed to not just protect the environment, but enrich soil so that plants and trees can stay healthy and grow to maximum capacity. Our goal is to provide landscape materials that go beyond the backyard by delivering healthy alternatives to the “quick fix” products you see on the market for broader-scale application.

Whether you’re a homeowner, landscape architect, or wholesaler, your approach to lawn care can and will make a difference. Stand behind the right companies and products, and we will all continue to enjoy lush, green landscapes for decades to come – a staple of the American dream.

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