FAQ about organic lawn care

What do we mean by organics?

The term “organic” is open to many interpretations to many people. In the landscape industry there are no legal standards for this term. In order to diminish confusion, Tech Terra Environmental refers to organics as adding organic matter (living or once living organisms) to the soil and replacing most synthetic pesticides with minimum risk and low impact pesticides.

Do we have to be 100% organic?

Tech Terra believes a completely natural program is an attainable goal that is cost effective and will satisfy most clients. We recognize that there are times when an application of synthetic pesticide may be necessary.

How do we start?

Four simple things will dramatically improve turf health; proper mowing height, proper irrigation, over-seeding,  and using fertilizer that is high in organic matter. These basic techniques will reduce plant stress and strengthen the plant’s natural immune system.  In addition, Tech Terra supplies natural products that will control insects and fungal diseases. Crabgrass is controlled with corn gluten and broadleaf weeds are controlled with a new bio-pesticide. Start Today!

Do we need to be licensed?

Every State has different regulations regarding the professional applications of pesticides and/or fertilizers. You must check with the proper state agency for the correct answer to this question. Do not rely on any other source for this information. See Calendar of Classes and Seminars.

Don’t these products cost more?

No, ours are priced competitively with synthetic products. In fact, conventional fertilizer prices are rising faster than organic matter, which means they are becoming the better buy. We offer our wholesale product line at manufacturer pricing.