The next time you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or otherwise unwell, consider using landscaping as a natural antidote. Whether it helps you stay grounded, reduce your environmental footprint, or get through rehabilitation, it can significantly influence your health and well-being.

Here are some of the ways landscaping has a positive impact on our minds, bodies, and counterparts around the world.

Benefits to Health and Wellness

If you’re struggling to maintain a fitness schedule, landscaping might be the perfect complement to your daily routine. When used as a form of exercise, gardening and landscaping can boost blood flow and overall heart health. It keeps you moving continually and uses all of your major muscle groups, making it a moderately-intensive work out for the whole body. As a result, you burn calories, strengthen your muscles, and boost your immune system. This also makes it an ideal form of exercise for anyone who has limited mobility or is currently undergoing physical rehab.

There’s no gym membership required, and it doesn’t feel like hard work for lawn care professionals and enthusiasts who love what they’re doing!  

Benefits to Mental and Emotional States

Think of the last time you were sitting on the beach, a bench in the park, or even on your backyard deck to take a break from reality. It’s no secret that being outdoors can improve your health and happiness. When we’re outside, our stress levels tend to decrease, and our positive emotions tend to increase.

Not to mention, since landscaping is a purposeful activity, is largely contributes to our sense of self-worth. Like any other hobby, landscaping can help you stay goal-oriented and keep your mind off negative thoughts and feelings.  

Some of the other benefits to homeowners or groundskeepers include:

  • Better stress management
  • Reduced fatigue/better sleep  
  • Heightened productivity 
  • Increased memory and attention span
  • Less job pressure

Remedial landscaping is more than just a quick fix to a bad day. Research suggests it can have also a positive impact on more severe conditions, like depression, alcohol abuse, dementia, and more.

Global Impact

It’s no coincidence that global warming, deforestation, and wildlife conservation are hot-button issues in the political arena. It’s also not surprising that local lawn care providers are seeing a spike in business following the outbreak of COVID-19. As a result, demand is also growing for the safe and effective tree and turf products these providers need to serve their clients – and that’s were Tech Terra Environmental comes in.

There doesn’t seem to be a disagreement over whether or not healthy landscapes are good for the environment, just whether or not people are willing to sacrifice in other areas of their lives to achieve them.

We are big advocates of the tree products we offer to wholesalers because of what they make possible. When positioned correctly, trees can reduce household energy, trap and filter pollutants, and protect nearby bodies of water. Trees absorb harmful gases like carbon dioxide from the environment, which sequesters carbon in the soil and releases enough oxygen to supply families around the globe. Landscaping in general increases fresh food production, reduces erosion, and improves the quality of the air we’re breathing.

The benefits of landscaping go beyond any one individual, proving to be of collective value for neighborhoods and communities on a larger scale. As a result, this type of honest work can also lead greater fulfillment through service. Think of that compound effect landscaping can have on a global level – saving entire species of plants and animals and bringing gratification to millions of people.

Final Thoughts

Landscape professionals wouldn’t exist unless homeowners and groundskeepers saw the benefits of maintaining a healthy lawn. Even a single landscape plays a part in co-creating a better world.   To make an even greater impact, consider choosing plants that are native to your region, minimizing the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides, and finding ways to repurpose your organic waste. You can also work with a landscape business that specializes in environmentally conscious applications to help you get the precision, results, and gratification you’re hoping for.

Contact Tech Terra Environmental today to learn more about the ecological solutions we offer to tree and turf care professionals.

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