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The Story and Benefits Behind Reduced Risk Pesticides

In 1996, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched a program to expedite the availability of reduced risk pesticides. The goal was to improve the regulatory decision-making process behind this new class of products to get them to market more quickly and efficiently. Since then, several suppliers have stepped forward to meet the challenge of providing […]

How Healthy Landscaping Impacts Our Daily Lives and Mindsets

The next time you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or otherwise unwell, consider using landscaping as a natural antidote. Whether it helps you stay grounded, reduce your environmental footprint, or get through rehabilitation, it can significantly influence your health and well-being. Here are some of the ways landscaping has a positive impact on our minds, bodies, and […]

Why Yucca Extract is used by expert liquid applicators

There is one simple thing you can do to improve the results of liquid applications of pesticides and fertilizers. Use YUCCA! It will save your business money and provide your clients with healthier lawns and plants. Yucca extract is a natural surfactant that breaks up water droplets and allows water to spread out on leaf surfaces […]

What’s Up with Organics by Barry Draycott

NJLCA 2017 Magazine Article “What’s up with Organics” by Barry Draycott First off, I hate the term “organic” because it means different things to different people. Some say anything that contains Carbon is organic. This is true in chemistry but not in agriculture. The USDA National Organic Program sets very strict regulations on what can […]

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