The Secret is in the Soil

“Whether we like it or not, we are quickly entering a biological age of turfgrass management where microbiological solutions are sought for biological problems. It is becoming more and more apparent that maintaining active microbial communities in turfgrass soils is a vital part of overall turfgrass health. Research to date clearly shows the potential to […]

Marketing Sustainable Lawn Care

It’s no secret that the market for environmentally friendly lawn care products and services is expanding, pushing the idea that it’s not enough for your grass to be green—it should be “green.” With spring in full force, the sustainable lawn care movement is spreading fast. For instance, this year New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection […]

The Benefits of Humic Acid

Humic acid is made up of three different compounds, organic matter, humus, and humic substances. Organic matter is the plant and animal residue in the soil at various stages of decomposition. Humus is the end product of microbial degradation. Humic substances are naturally occurring organic materials with high molecular weights that are not easily degraded. […]

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