The Story Behind Weeds, Herbicides, and Healthy Landscapes

Weeds are pesky and persistent, and knowing how to differentiate between different types can go a long way when it’s time to eliminate them. Some weeds simply need to be pulled while others may require a more aggressive approach to manage. This article will walk you through where they come from, whether all weeds are […]

Getting to the Roots of IPM and PHC

Over the last few decades, the phrases Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Plant Health Care (PHC) have been closely intertwined. So closely, in fact, that farmers, practitioners, and landscapers have had a tough time truly understanding the difference between these two approaches.

Is PHC simply the evolution of IPM over time, or is the difference substantial enough to justify the separation of these terms? That’s what we are going to explore in this blog post.

How to Start Incorporating Organic Lawn Care Products into Your Landscaping Business

Most homeowners and tree and turf care professionals have one thing in common: they want a lush green landscape that captivates their audience. From general curb appeal and luxurious backyards to sports fields and municipalities, landscapes have been a source of pride and income for decades – and the demand is only growing. With focus […]

Using Pesticides as a Commercial Applicator – What You Need to Know

If you want to increase your revenue stream in the new year, becoming a licensed (or certified) pesticide applicator is a great way to expand your business operation. Pests cause damage or harm to plants, animals, and even humans, making this a lucrative and beneficial industry to work in. However, pest control also requires the […]

Eco-Friendly Landscaping Goals for the New Year

With the arrival of the new year, it’s time to start reflecting on the choices you’re making and if there is room for improvement. And since everything is connected to everything in the ecosystem of life, looking back on whether or not your business has been flourishing in a healthy environment is no exception. If […]

Organic Lawn Care: Advantages and What to Expect

If you think you can only have a thick, eye-catching landscape with the application of traditional pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, you’re in for a surprise. The increasing awareness around the environmental impact of harsh chemicals is quite literally changing the landscape in parks, recreation areas, and sports fields. There is a growing demand for organic […]

Landscaping: Why It’s More Than Just a Well-Manicured Lawn

You’ve probably heard the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” For a long time now, landscapes have been a source of pride and envy for homeowners and businesses alike. From planting beds and walkways to butterfly gardens and elegant water features, landscapes give us a sense of status and fulfilment. People […]

The Story and Benefits Behind Reduced Risk Pesticides

In 1996, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched a program to expedite the availability of reduced risk pesticides. The goal was to improve the regulatory decision-making process behind this new class of products to get them to market more quickly and efficiently. Since then, several suppliers have stepped forward to meet the challenge of providing […]

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