Keep Your Turfgrass Safe & Manageable this Spring

Did you know turfgrass is a 40 to 60 billion-dollar business covering an estimated 50 million acres in the U.S.? As we move into spring, turf specialists and groundskeepers should definitely brush up on their knowledge of this industry. Not just to achieve that pristine look that sports enthusiasts crave this time of year, but to develop […]

The Story Behind Weeds, Herbicides, and Healthy Landscapes

Weeds are pesky and persistent, and knowing how to differentiate between different types can go a long way when it’s time to eliminate them. Some weeds simply need to be pulled while others may require a more aggressive approach to manage. This article will walk you through where they come from, whether all weeds are […]

Getting to the Roots of IPM and PHC

Over the last few decades, the phrases Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Plant Health Care (PHC) have been closely intertwined. So closely, in fact, that farmers, practitioners, and landscapers have had a tough time truly understanding the difference between these two approaches.

Is PHC simply the evolution of IPM over time, or is the difference substantial enough to justify the separation of these terms? That’s what we are going to explore in this blog post.

How to Start Incorporating Organic Lawn Care Products into Your Landscaping Business

Most homeowners and tree and turf care professionals have one thing in common: they want a lush green landscape that captivates their audience. From general curb appeal and luxurious backyards to sports fields and municipalities, landscapes have been a source of pride and income for decades – and the demand is only growing. With focus […]

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